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Sexual Harassment Training

Nowadays, we’re becoming increasingly aware of sexual harassment in the workplace and the impact it can have on victims. Sexual harassment should be dealt with properly in the workplace for ethical reasons. It should also be dealt with to prevent issues such as low employee morale, absenteeism and lower levels of productivity.

Our sexual harassment training course will provide all participants with a detailed description of each type of sexual harassment It will also outline and discuss the legalities surrounding the subject, so all employees are aware of what behaviour is acceptable and what isn’t. The different types of behavior that are considered to be sexual harassment will then be highlighted in depth. Participants will finally be shown a number of actions that can be taken to effecively prevent and handle sexual harassment issues in the workplace.

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Be able to define and identify instances of sexual harassment
  • Describe employee and employer responsibilities in preventing and managing sexual harassment issues
  • List the steps to handle a complaint of sexual harassment
  • Know how to encourage people to talk about sexual harassment issues in the workplace

This course is ideal for:

  • HR employees
  • All other employees

Course Duration: 30 minutes

Certificate of Completion

By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

4 reviews for Sexual Harassment Training

  1. Darnell


  2. Joseph

    Excellent course. Useful, concise information.

  3. Mike

    This course was very informative and engaging

  4. Mike

    The course was great

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