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COVID-19 Employee Training

Over the past four months, governments around the world have had to implement social isolation and social distancing measures to prevent and slow the spread of coronavirus and Covid-19. As infection rates are decreasing, increasing numbers of people are beginning to return to communal workplaces. They will be expected to engage with co-workers or members of the public.

It is absolutely essential that all employers ensure that staff are fully trained in Covid-19 best safety practices. This will help to protect staff themselves, as well as anyone within close proximity to them. Our Covid-19 employee training course has been specially designed to achieve these goals.

Upon completion of the training course, all successful participants will receive a certification of completion. The certificate will be for Employee Safety Guidelines to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 and other airborne infections.

Following CDC and OSHA recommendations, this course will help employees to understand:

  • What Covid-19 is
  • How Covid-19 spreads
  • Common Covid-19 symptoms
  • Occupational risk levels
  • The importance of hygiene
  • Standard precautions
  • Prevention and control
  • Proper hygiene practice
  • Exposure risks
  • How to reduce exposure to Covid-19
  • How to minimize transmission of Covid-19

Course Audience

  • Intended for the general workforce
  • Anyone working in proximity of others in the workplace

Certificate of Completion

By completing/passings this course, you have attained the certificate Employee Safety Guidelines to help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 and other airborne infections.

2 reviews for COVID-19 Employee Training

  1. teriramsay (verified owner)

    good for covering the basics

  2. Donny Butts (verified owner)

    The training was to the point and very informative.

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